Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Postgame at the Grotto," Indiana, October 2006

Win or lose, many fans make their way to the Grotto after a Notre Dame football game. They light candles, meditate and pray. After particularly hectic days, I liked to pass by this spot even if it wasn't on my way back to the dorm and sit for a moment on the benches there. Always a quiet place, people seemed to be extra sensitive to their voices when darkness fell. I particularly enjoyed it in fall, when the air was fragrant with the pungent fragrance of expired leaves, but I'll take it in any season.

{I realize I've become lazy with the one-photo-a-day resolution, but that's just a matter of organization. I've continued to take the photos; I just haven't had time to sit down and post them all. I went out on a brief shooting expedition on Thursday and need to sort through the images, so I hope to do that Sunday or Monday and get caught up. I've done a little of that today, posting five images for the reolution and various challenges, but I'm still a few days behind.}

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