Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Day 279 of 365

Resumed my annual autumn tradition of a trip to Sussex County, which usually involves High Point State Park. After last year's trip came too late to get the leaves at peak color (but it wasn't a total loss), I decided to consider several trips over two or three weeks rather than setting aside one day to try to pinpoint the peak.

Today was nearly perfect. The weather, that is. The foliage is still spotty, but the scenery still starred in and around the park. I had good light, pleasant breezes and plenty of autumn splendor to behold.

As far as this shot goes, I didn't intend to shoot at this angle, but to get the golden tree into the frame, I had to because I was at the edge of the trail with my foot as far as it could go before stepping onto the loose, gravelly, steep slope. I could've tried to descend a few feet to get under the tree more and bring it closer to the monument, but I was in sneakers (I'd left my hiking boots in the car, hoping the monument would be open for a climb to the top, but it wasn't -- weekends only after Labor Day) and didn't want to get a few feet and then slide down the hill in a gravel-slide. I think it turned out OK, though.

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