Tuesday, January 05, 2010

"Elk Antler Arch, Jackson, Wyoming," May 2006

When my college roommate, Bryan, and I celebrated the year we turned 30 in 2006, we met in Denver for a road trip through the Rockies. He requested nights in Boulder and Jackson and I planned a loop trip through those towns and up into Idaho and Montana before we made our way back to Denver. We hit states we hadn't ever visited and got to national parks I'd long ached to see, namely Rocky Mountain and Yellowstone.

In Jackson, where we spent two nights to allow for a full day touring Yellowstone, we found a hotel near the center of town and walked through the town square on our way to a nice dinner one evening. Entering and exiting the square, we passed through these archways made of elk antlers.

Now that my photo a day project is complete, in order to keep this blog fresh (and perhaps as another resolution), I'm going to shoot for participation in each of this year's Photo Friday challenges, at the least. Hopefully, I'll be able to post one photo a month that is either taken specifically for the challenge or was taken within the past few months, rather than relying on my archives for each one. (And if I can scan in my film negatives with any regularity, perhaps one photo a month will be one from way back.)

So away we go.

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