Sunday, June 22, 2008

"The Fallingwater Classic, No. 5," Pennsylvania, December 2007

Yeah, this is an oft-reproduced image of Frank Lloyd Wright's most famous private residence, the Kaufman house in the western Pennsylvania woods, Fallingwater. But this one's mine, and I prefer it as a means of depicting "The Great Outdoors" because it touches upon what Wright tried to accomplish with his projects when he fused man-made structures with nature. He tried to make the houses part of the landscape rather than just building on the landscape.

It's great that Fallingwater and a few other Wright projects I've visited -- Taliesin West and Kentuck Knob, which is privately owned but open to the public -- are now accessible, but damn if I wouldn't love to live there myself.

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A. said...

While I was in art school, I was informed that one of the dormitories had been inspired by Frank Lloyd Right.

Bear in mind that this was art school. The people in my orientation group exchanged looks as we thought, "No, seriously."

It was your standard four story apartment building. Where was the inspiration?

I love your photo, by the way. The waterfalls are so soothing.