Friday, November 18, 2005

Can you spell "Trojans"?

I can't think of a better imperfection than being a USC fan. OK, maybe being a USC fan who can't spell.

The brilliance of this idiocy -- taken February 2004 in a Santa Monica parking garage -- is the juxtaposition of the misspelled license plate and the correct spelling beneath it on the frame. I also won't stand for any excuses -- "Well, 'Trojans' [or 'Trjans'] was already taken ..." -- because, come on, get a better idea for a personalized license plate. A UCLA fan isn't going to settle for "BREWINS" if "BRUINS" is taken (though, even if someone did, it's at least a bit clever and not just stupid).


Maggie said...

that is funny, great observation

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